Why Recommendations?

When you say it, it’s marketing.
When your customer says it, it’s social proof.
  • 92% of all consumers say a friend’s recommendation is more believable and persuasive than any paid advertising.

  • The best advertising is the selfie. It doesn't come from a company, it comes from a friend.

  • When customers post selfies with a company’s product, this is the social proof or recommendation that other prospects crave.

Octothorpe+ turns your customers into influencers.

More Benefits

You own user photo rights

When customers post selfies with a company’s product, this is the social proof or recommendation that other prospects crave.

Brand engagement rises by 28% when consumers are exposed to a mixture of professional marketing content and UGC.

You collect and own user data

Name - Email - Address. To increase your CRM reach and ROI. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat don't own the data - you do.

Customers who have interacted with brands are less likely to treat marketing messages like spam – as opposed to their attitude towards ads from companies they haven’t interacted with personally before.

And lots more

  • Greater reach and visibility: directly shareable from your app to each network -- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat.
  • Lower content creation costs: your customers create it for you.
  • Instant auto-send email to users – contains new offers, event info, etc.
  • The right hashtag and logo every time.
  • Not throttled by the Facebook algorithm.
  • Adds new-customer acquisition to any rewards program.
  • Integrates easily with the most popular POS systems.

Case Studies

The Zagat-Rated gourmet burger bar chain names its menu items after heavy-metal bands and has a sound system that goes to eleven.

Kuma’s doesn’t believe in advertising. They believe in “word of mouth.” So they have not spent any media dollars to support the app, there’s just been one announcement on Facebook – everything else has been friend-to-friend.

Head-Banging Results (in a good way)

  • Friend-to-friend recommendations skyrocketed!
  • 39.46% of all organic posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter came from our app – with no marketing support!
  • Non-stop, high-engagement user-generated content – “social proof!” Just look at the comments!

Chicago’s world-renowned Brookfield Zoo hosts an annual craft beer festival, ZooBrew. One of the dozens of vendor booths at last year's event was one promoting the Zoo’s rewards app.

Lions and Tigers and Branded Selfies, Oh My!

Saturday & Sunday June 23 & 24, Brookfield Zoo’s Annual ZOO BREW Estimated attendance: 1,500 zoo and craft beer lovers

  • Every 5.2 minutes

    A zoo guest took a branded-selfie and shared it on social media

  • More than 1 in 10

    10.6% of all attendees used our rewards app to take a branded photo, commented about their Zoo Brew Experience and posted it on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter

  • 35.4%

    of all event attendees appeared in at least one branded photo

  • 60,000

    estimated number of prospects who received a friend’s Brookfield Zoo recommendation in just two days!

  • 97%

    of all on-site rewards were claimed by an app user


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