Word of mouth among friends and family drives more purchases than any other purchase influence.

92% of consumers say a friend's recommendation is more believable and influential than any paid advertising .

Word-of-mouth marketing is the number one purchase decision influence in the US, the UK, Brazil and China .

The selfie is the perfect ad. It doesn’t come from a company. It comes from a friend.

Branded-Selfie Rewards turns your customers into your Social Media Ambassadors.

They recommend you to friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s simple.

People take selfies. We tap into their lifestyle.You reward them when they take a selfie at a location you designate and feature your brand in their selfie.

It’s believable.

Consumers trust User Generated Content seven times more than traditional ads.

It’s persuasive.

Forbes says word of mouth among friends and family drives more purchases than any other purchase influence.

It’s cheap.

The app/plug-in is already built, ready to be customized for you.

And people see it because it’s a post from a friend.
Your ordinary digital ad is not necessarily going to be seen. Here’s why:

47% of consumers use AdBlock technology, so traditional digital advertising channels often have limited effectiveness.

Facebook limits ad reach on their platform – they want advertisers to pay to boost their posts. Facebook does not restrict user-generated content - they want users to share photos. So Octothorpe+ has 100% reach.

What you get from this program:

  • Hundreds of friend-to-friend recommendations with each selfie

  • Thousands of incremental social media impressions, day after day

  • User names, email addresses and photo rights

  • The benefits of User-Generated Content: greater credibility, memorability and influence.

  • Continuous UGC to increase visitor engagement on your website and social media pages

  • Bypass the AdBlock technology used by 47% of consumers

  • Private access to admin panel, 100% transparency

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Global reach

Turn your customers into your social media ambassadors.

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